Pankaj has received an offer to study Msc Theoretical Psychoanalysis from University College of London,but he can't make it due to high fees

The Need:Funding for One Year Master's Program

I have received an offer from the University College of London in the UK, to study starting in September 2017 for a MSc in Theoretical Psychoanalysis.This coursework will expand upon the areas of research I did during my degree work at Ambedkar University, studying Psycho-social clinical studies.

Tuition fees for overseas students are much more than they would be for EU or UK students.Unfortunately, as of this time, I have not received any grant or scholarship funds for my course of study.As such, I may be accepted and offered the course of study, but have no way to fund it.

Why Am I Interested in this Course of Study?

Through my research I wish to explore new paradigms to understand the challenging and difficult experience of psychosis.Psychosis is also referred to by the medical term "schizophrenia", which is a mental illness.According to the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), more than 51 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with schizophrenia.Science is still trying to find the cure for the enigmatic "psychosis". There are also researchers and a community that interested in finding the deeper understanding of psychotic experience as a way to understand our human existence and suffering.Rather than narrowing the psychotic experience to one as the experience of illness, researchers are trying to open up an opportunity to understand how it relates to what it means to be human, complete in all the richness of our society and present world through psychotic experience.Psychoanalysis is a method, lens, and world view to allow scope for such an investigation.University College of London is one of the best places in the world to study psychoanalysis.To receive an offer of admission for this program is very exciting. I also believe in the peaceful and fulfillment of human potential. This pursuit will help me bring social change. I am thankful for the support from local chapters of AIESEC India such as AIESEC Navi Mumbai and AIESEC Lucknow in this campaign because of our shared values.

My Research - My research is rooted in psychoanalysis and psychosis.I would like to take this forward by studying psychoanalysis in depth and doing my dissertation on psychosis at UCL.

Previously under the guidance of Ambedkar University in Delhi, I did my thesis study "Closer To Schizophrenia: A Psychoanalytic and Humanistic Approach Model to Psychosis".The research article can be read (((((HERE)))))). This research was selected as the Best Paper in the 19th International Conference of the International Society for Psychological and Social Approach to Psychosis (ISPS) in March of 2015 in New York.

I received the David Feinsilver Award for Original Thinking and Scholarship Research which helped to fund the travel and stay in New York during the ISPS Conference.

In August of 2014 I presented a poster at a conference organized by Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF) in Chennai.

My achievements gave me recognition in the eyes of people who were skeptical of my choices.For me, this only reinforced to me that I was on the right track.I attained many milestones that affirmed my progress.

I was able to volunteer at 7 Cups, and supported 566 people in their life difficulties over time.I am continuing to chase my dreams and follow my passion.I wish to embark upon the journey to study MSc Theoretical Psychoanalysis at the University College at London.

My Long Term Vision - My long term vision is to set up a Center or Institute for research, education and practice for psychiatrists, professionals, psychotherapists and survivorsin India in the area of psychosis, madness and schizophrenia.I believe the experience of mental illness is disturbing, not only because it is difficult to live through, but also because of the stigma, social pressure and exclusion it creates.Therefore, my Center would create a social space where people with mental illness or in the mental illness field can feel that they belong, where they can design and study innovative experiential programs (such as madness and psychotic studies), engage in group work, and be empowered.I believe that this Master's Study Program is just a step toward my vision.

My writings - I am passionate about writing short stories.You can read some of them ((((HERE)))).I have also written two novellas, Gulabi and The Mobile Phone.You can see Gulabi on Goodreads, where it has been reviewed.It gives you a peek into the mind of person experiencing schizophrenia quite vividly.You can imagine the flexibility, isolation and skills involved in writing about such distorted and secluded experiences.

Why Am I Requesting Help?

I received the offer to UCL to study in the program, but I cannot pay for the studies at such a prestigious University.The fees for overseas students and living costs are higher than for other students as well.I live independently, and support myself with my day job.I am seeking assistance only in funding my tuition fees and living expenses for the year to support my studies.

The Costs:

Tuition fees: £24,140

Living cost:£13,520 (I plan on living very simply, so this is a low estimate)

Tier 4 General Student Visa UK:£328

UK Healthcare: £150

Flghts: £750

All donations, even the smallest ones, would be greatly appreciated.I am excited at the prospect of pursuing this degree, and of then being able to use my education to benefit others.Every little bit helps me get to this future.

About Me:

For all those who don't know me, here is a bit about me:

I was born and raised in the colonies of New Delhi, in a middle class family.

My mother developed breast cancer, and passed away when I was seven.During her illness, I, along with my brother, spent significant time with relatives while my father stayed at the hospital with my mother for months.Her passing heralded a very dark time for our family.

My father, even in his grief, had to make many difficult choices.We had to sell our home and move to a smaller house.He had to move his business to a small shop area.He attempted many new businesses and suffered through many failures as he struggled during this time.During his struggle, he was very distant, as he was dealing with his own grief, fears and frustrations.

I remember that we were very short of funds during this period.It was a luxury to consider buying a blazer, simply to attend school.To even buy a pen was something that had to be taken under careful consideration.Difficult times made us resilient.

Scarcity may have been part of our life, but we never stopped dreaming. I believe that when your dreams are rooted in difficult living conditions, they are very persistent and powerful.

Even with all the scarcity and harshness of our lives, my father raised us with his entire heart.His dream was for us to not give up our dreams, but to make them a reality. I found that people who are afraid to pursue their own dreams, also become afraid of people who are chasing their own dreams.

I allowed myself to explore life, to experiment and to search out answers.I worked hard to think for myself, even in the midst of the pressures of the reality of our lives.It was difficult for my family and friends to understand what I wanted to do with my life.Psychology was not a term they were familiar with.People did not understand that there could be a career and a way to provide for myself with a degree in Psychology.I found my passion for psychology initially as something novel to study, and then I visited the American Center Library and the British Council Library in Delhi, where I was able to read on the themes of inner life, healthy relationships and become a whole person.Due to my interest, hard work and enthusiasm, I received a scholarship for academic excellence during my first year that completely paid my semester fees.

When I was in my internship in psychiatric hospitals, I came across people struggling with the most deadly mental illnesses.This guided my interest, studies and research work in schizophrenia.I struggled to remain in school with financial needs, and then a turning point came in my life.I received the David Feinsilver Award for Original Thinking and Scholarship Research in New York, USA.This award helped to fund my travel and stay in New York for a ten day conference where I was able to present my research paper. Presently, I am employed as Psychology teacher in High School. My classrooms are an attempt to ‘become person’ and create freer self which stimulates others to be authentic and speak from true self.

I have great hope that my studies can lead to actual and concrete ways to help those who suffer with mental illness, to help other practitioners in their pursuit of education and the means to help those that they work with, and to see a positive impact in lives of people

All donations, even the smallest ones, would be greatly appreciated.I am excited at the prospect of pursuing this degree, and of then being able to use my education to benefit others.Every little bit helps me get to this future.Any financial donation will not only help me pursue my education, but will benefit the lives of many who live with mental illness, their families and other professionals.

Pankaj Suneja


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