As Ishita weds Ayush, join in their joy by helping provide better infrastructure in government schools for underprivileged girls' education

The best wedding gift you can give us :)

Ishita and I are getting married on 22nd January 2018. While we look forward to the celebrating the day with our close family and friends, we wish to share our joy with the less privileged girls in our hometown, Kota.

Kota is often called the education capital of India with more than 1.5 lakh top students pouring in every year. While these students go on to become high earning professionals, there are hundreds of students in the city who do not get the best opportunities.

I was born in Kota, and owe it to the city to reach where I am now. Ishita and I both realize the incomparable importance of high quality school education and facilities we were fortunate to receive. We want to extend the same facilities to a few government schools in Kota.

If you'd also contribute to our cause, it'll be much more gratifying for us than any wedding present :)

State Girls Higher Secondary School, Rampura, Kota

Established in 1945, it is one of the oldest schools in Kota, and many of my family members have received their education here. The school now has a capacity of imparting education to 300 girls, living within the vicinity of the school, for Std 9th to Std 12th. Unfortunately, the school currently misses infrastructure to allow all-round development of the students. The exterior facade which dates back more than 100 years still stands strong, what it lacks is an equally strong classroom interiors that also helps in creating an environment which in turn helps build these young curious minds.

Our recent visit to the school helped us interact with some of these aspirational minds:

Among other developments, the school needs funds for:

  • Installation of Computers along with WiFi
  • Projector with screen
  • Sanitary Napkin Disposals
  • Clean and purified Water cooler
  • Renovation and reparation of classrooms, School walls and Verandah
  • Fully Equipped Laboratories

Our Inspiration - Dr. Ashok Jain

Ayush Jain


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Perfect way to share the happiness of our marriage with the bright future of India
Create a long lasting impact in government schools to get them at par with the private institutes
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