Support Dr. Sunil Kumar Hebbi in providing assistance to urban and rural areas during the second wave of the pandemic

The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic is waging havoc on our country. Unfortunately, the pandemic has now started to spread in our rural areas & urban slums too where the medical infrastructure is practically non-existent except for an occasional Private medical practitioner and pathetic government health centers. One can imagine what could happen there when we are seeing the plight of patients in cities with all the medical facilities available. 

The silver lining in this bleak scenario is that IF most of the infected can be diagnosed and treated early with for symptoms like cold, cough, fever, body ache, throat ache, etc. which are the usual symptoms with which Covid starts by giving commonly available medicines and keeping a close watch on blood oxygen saturation levels through Pulse Oximeter and body temperature through IR thermometers, we can prevent the patient's condition from deteriorating and having to go to a hospital at all.

In this scenario, Dr. Sunil Kumar Hebbi of Bangalore, Indian Medical Doctor has started a Non-Profit Social Initiative, Mobile Dr. Clinic CAR. It has done a phenomenal job in the first wave of COVID19 in Bangalore and Vijayapura talukas by forming teams of volunteers in each village monitoring daily at-risk populations like the aged and people with comorbidities. It was a success and about 35 villages were covered. Matru Siri Foundation (100% Volunteered Based Organisation) lent great and timely support in many ways. Dr. Sunil Kumar Hebbi now wants to extend a similar program by starting Rural & Urban Slum Mobile Dr. Clinic Covid First Aid Centre for each village/Slum to protect people this time too and wants to use the teams already in place and is seeking urgent help from all quarters to Procure medicines to distribute kits to each village & Slum Covid First Aid Centre. Through telephone or Teleconferencing, he will advise the patient on the treatment to be taken. Attached below is the method and list of drugs needed by him.

It is Earnestly requested that each one of you generously DONATE to this worthy cause and help protect our Urban Slums & villages from the horrible pandemic.

How Matru Siri Foundation Non- Profit is Helping?

The Matru Siri Foundation team is trying to raise funds to support Dr. Sunil Kumar Hebbi in expanding his service to help protect our Urban Slums & villages from the horrible pandemic.

Please remember that 100% of your donation goes to the beneficiary. We don’t use any part of donations for admin expenses since those costs are covered by our Founder. So, please come forward and lend a helping hand to support the ‘Mobile Dr. Clinic Rural & Urban Slum Health’ and Dr. Sunil Kumar who are fighting this pandemic for the society.

We will keep you posted on the progress as well as fund utilization. Please let's join hands with the good Doctor to tide over this crisis.

Dr SunilKumar Hebbi



450 lives have changed as a result of donors' support.

Your contribution will help us provide assistance to various rural areas that are neglected
Help us reach the more underprivileged people during the pandemic.
Dr. Hebbi has arranged some 700 medical camps helped around 35,000 patients till date