GirlScript and YUVA foundation joining hands to fight against Digital Deprivation issue in India

As we are still grappling  with the aftermath of the pandemic one thing is confirmed: The world after COVID-19 is unlikely to return to the world that was. The pandemic has created unforeseen challenges in India’s economic landscapes, making education and employment as the biggest concern.  But in this journey of transformation and adapting to the new normal, digital has been a major driver serving as a backbone on which processes of the future run.  It has also accelerated some new trends, leading a paradigm shift towards digitisation. 


Digital Vidarbha Project

The Digital Vidarbha project is started by GirlScript Foundation & Yuva Foundation to use technology for educating underprivileged children. The project sees Digital literacy as a foremost necessity of the post covid world world.  Due to pandemic, educational institutions, companies and every big small organization switched to digital working  but as per the report from the Digital Empowerment Foundation in 2018, around 90% of India’s population is digitally illiterate, leading to digital poverty where the inability to leverage the benefits of digital technology becomes the root cause of poverty. 

To curb this digital inequality , Digital Vidarbha Project has proposed to look after digital literacy, skill development and employment opportunities for youth.


GirlScript Foundation

We are India’s first & biggest Indian originated technical community working in the field of supporting and training youth with technology and programming. The GirlScript Foundation was incorporated in 2017 with one priority goal of increasing the active participation of Women in technology and programming sector meetup to 60%.  With numerous projects, workshops and seminars we have managed to remove technology related myths and awareness about opportunities which comes along with it.  The organization has impacted 5,00,000+ learners in 77 cities and 34 countries globally to help beginners with tech education and employment.

YUVA Foundation

YUVA Foundation is a youth based non-profit organization, started in 2016 t0 work towards the empowerment and overall welfare of youth through education, skills development, seeking and creating job opportunities and helping our nation in smooth functioning.

The foundation has taken the initiative to organize job fairs, job fests and placement drives with an objective to provide employment for 100,000 students in Central India. It has received tremendous support from colleges, corporate and government alike!


Girlscript foundation and YUVA foundation have together pledged to 10000 youth by 2023 and embark on the digital journey of our youth in the post covid world. Along with this we aim to give digital training to 3000 students for initiating a better usage of digitalization and eradicating digital poverty from India.

GirlScript Foundation


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To digitally transform the youth for better job opportunities and exposure.
To make India fight against Digital poverty helping unemployment to bloom.
To help students with digitalization for better education opportunities.

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