Step up to save lives and build a strong recovery to help India fight against Covid-19 Pandemic.

India is currently recording the world's highest daily tally of COVID-19 cases and the death toll surging everyday. Our Indian Healthcare System is overstressed with over 300,000 fresh cases and over 3000 deaths every day.  The second wave of COVID-19 has exposed the acute shortage of oxygen cylinders, concentrators, hospital beds, ventilators, vaccines, medicines, vital medical equipment,  safety kits and other critical care. This resurgence of the virus in India is deadlier than ever.

Crowdera is launching an urgent appeal to help people fighting against hunger, unemployment, medical emergencies, sanitation & hygiene scarcity, community- everything. 

Crowdera has helped more than 300,000 people since the Pandemic began and now when the COVID is hitting our healthcare and economy even harder we are stepping up our services by launching an urgent appeal to support our overwhelmed healthcare system and people who are struggling economically in COVID.

This crisis has pivoted us to address this critical situation and call for Global help to fight with India against COVID-19 .

On a daily basis we encounter thousands of people suffering and  begging to get a chance to survive. Yes, just a fair chance to get treated but without any help and oxygen cylinders people are dying like fishes dying without water. This is the most vulnerable inhumane condition one can face. And sadly every other hospital is going through the same
- Medical Staff( Indian Hospital)

We are providing several services to help our people in the midst of this humanitarian crisis. Here are the following activities which we are currently running to stop the virus spread and help COVID affected people -

Several hospitals are facing shortages of oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, drugs, and medical kits for frontline workers. Crowdera has tied up with NGOs who are working closely with the hospitals to provide them with life-saving medical equipment and drugs.

Amid the surge in the COVID-19 cases and subsequent lockdown, the economic activities have dwindled. More than 130 Million Indians have lost their source of income and every fourth person is experiencing an income shrink. With growing poverty and unemployment, daily wage earners, migrants and destitute people are struggling to even get food on their plates. We have joined hands with small and big NGOs working to feed these people in the destitute on a daily basis with healthy and proper meals.


Go Crowdera has launched a COVID WarRoom Service with 24*7 available helpline to provide financial assistance for Critical COVID Cases. We are reaching out to the people who are in desperate need of financial assistance throughout the country.

It’s easy to feel powerless in the current situation but to free India from the COVID Pandemic we need to acknowledge the ‘Power of Crowd’ and stand with others in this wartime. With Crowdera you can help to combat COVID-19 in various ways-

Oxygen Cylinder (10 KG)

INR 500/unit

Oxygen Concentrator

INR 50000/unit


INR 500/unit

Health Kit 
(Pulse Oximeter, Sanitizer, Vitamin C, Zincovit tablets)

INR 3000/unit


INR 500000/unit

Hospital Beds

INR 10000/unit

Ration Kit for one month

INR 2000/unit

You can join the fundraising team and be an active part of this campaign. As a part of a team, you will get a personal crowdfunding page where you can set a desired goal amount and rally support from your community while improving your brand perception to achieve the goal.

Through our COVID helpline, we are encountering a number of COVID cases with an urgent requirement of fundraising for critical care on a daily basis. All the beneficiaries are verified by Crowdera.  The details of beneficiaries will be shared in the update box along with contact details to keep transparency in the process.

With your donations we will match the required amount of these urgent fundraisers. The donations will  not be tax exempted  as the funds collected will directly help these individual beneficiaries. 

It is a massive epidemic but we can change the future, by being together. India is one the first countries which provide global help to many countries to fight pandemic and now it needs our help to save lives. Contribute as much as you can and share this campaign with your peers- remember every share can bring up to $10. You can also opt for monthly recurring donations to support a long-lasting impact. 

We are currently running a COVID War room Service with a helpline number to reach out to the people who are in desperate need of financial and medical assistance throughout the country. With your donations we will match the required amount of these urgent fundraisers. The donations will  not be tax exempted  as the funds collected will directly help these individual beneficiaries.

Every single donation and share can help us to fill the gaps in healthcare and demand of resources beneficial to fight against COVID-19.

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We do not take any cut or commissions from donors and fundraisers. Payments are securely made via PCI compliant payment processing partners of the fundraiser.

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