#BeAHope for Nepali Migrant , Support them feed for a Month, They feed you since long time at Restaurant and help you with everything,

Panah India is grassroots organization working for migration in India since 2015, runs single window solutions for citizen in India. Based in Ahmadabad runs more than 7 center across Ahmadabad. Connect and Support people on basic requirements and opportunities.  


The problem

3 Nepali migrant in Morvi Commited sucide , and 1 Labourer working in Rajkot Commited sucide due to non avaiblity of work and there family on road with family 6 with kids, and done sucide, now family on road, Hilaris,

Covid 2019 is a virus that effected more than 195 county in the world that effected more than 40,00,000 people till and 200000 died in the world, 

In India 70 Lakh Nepali come for there livelihood and medical, study and other things as well. Most of people live at rented house or hotel/restraunt or company given accomodation only.  all the owner given the ration to them since first lockdawn but now they small owner facing issue on same and not able to help these labourer and family! some not have ration and some not have medisine goverment of nepal not thing about these labourer and also embassy of nepal also not thingking about them, there hotline number is ringing only, Nepali calling us asking food support, they are unreachable by goverment of gujarat and any due to they not live at community, most of them live at work space only. so they are not getting any support from NGO and goverment, we have made data of 300 family and people who are really facing issue they are crying and asking for support, we are anable to help due to finacial support and want to help them, 

The solution 

so we want to help the Nepali community via giving them support, I understand we can;t help them everyone but who are in need most we want to give them ration for a month, this cost would be 3200 including below items that  help family of four to feed for a month.  

One Family get Below things that cost of it  3200 Rupees on that. 

  1. 5 KG of Rice      2500 KG Total 
  2. 5 KG Of ATTA - 2500 KG Total 
  3. 1 KG Dal            -  500  KG Total 
  4. 1 KG Oil              - 500 KG Total 
  5. 1 Bottle Sanitizer,  - 50 Per Bottle 

This much food help 100 beneficiary to leave life for 12-15 days in family of 4. 

Lets help them who help us everyday, Who clear you Dish & Cloth, Who help you in office, Who made your home, Furniture and they are now in Need of Basic Food .

Start Now , Act Now. #beAhope 

More details 8488856251

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